short films

"The Man Who Lost His Teeth"

 Sunit Sabharwal: part-time
 marketing manager / action hero


"Moonshine Man"

 The Story Of Arvid Laukkanen / moonshine addict






"Kidnapping: 101"
 The Life Of An El Salvadorian





"My Name Is KINNA"
 An Interview With A Childhood
 Cult Member



 "The Portuguese Astronaut"

  Sibling Rivalry




 " [ BBBM 7 ] "

  The Hollywood Chronicles

 "Russian Laundry"

  Entrepreneur: Olga Parouski 




"Carlos Bolero: the last true           gentleman"

 Former Central American
 Serial Killer





 "The Life Of Päikki Muukkonen"

  A World Champion




 "The Prodromalist"

  Symptoms Onset